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All FEAST memberships are managed through the Philosophy Documentation Center. To become a member of FEAST, renew your membership, check your membership status, or update your contact information, please click the “Membership” button below.


Our mentoring program connects FEAST graduate student members with faculty member volunteers who can offer research, teaching, and/or professional career-related advice and assistance. Both FEAST graduate members who are part of feminist-friendly programs and those who have fewer links with faculty working in feminist thought can benefit from being matched with someone in their field who is willing to participate in various helpful mentoring activities (e.g., reviewing abstracts, providing reading suggestions, answering questions about publishing or job interviews). Please see below for mentoring program guidelines and information about applying or becoming a volunteer, and feel free to contact the current FEAST graduate student representative with any questions.


  1. There should be a commitment-free trial period of about three months where either party may exit the mentoring partnership for any reason.
  2. Exchanges between partners do not need to extend beyond email, which is often the most preferred communication medium.
  3. Exchanges should take place in a timely fashion. Both graduate students and faculty members have a full workload, so it is best that mentoring-related requests leave a reasonable amount of time for response and that a mentoring partner is informed of the time frame for response.
  4. Mentoring content might include the following: questions about projects, conferences, publication, teaching, job interviews, and CV; abstract reviews; idea “bouncing”; suggestions for reading; etc. While draft review is certainly encouraged, mentors should not be expected to review full drafts. However, if both partners feel that this is appropriate then feel free! Please bear in mind that only polished (rather than rough) drafts should be sent to mentors.
  5. Any and all other components of the mentoring partnership are open to creative construction.


  1. Eligibility: Participation is limited to FEAST members who have paid their annual dues. In order to apply to be matched with a mentor, you must be an enrolled graduate student.
  2. Eligible members who are interested in applying to the mentoring program should put together an application packet to be sent to the graduate student representative.
  3. Please send an email to the graduate student representative that includes a PDF with your name, contact information, institution (please indicate also whether you are a graduate student or faculty member), and a brief description of your specific research interests.
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