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Feminist Ethics and Social Theory is a professional organization dedicated to promoting feminist ethical perspectives on philosophy, moral and political life, and public policy that centers decolonized, intersectional, and interdisciplinary approaches.  Our aim is to further the development and clarification of new understandings of ethical and political concepts and concerns, especially as they arise out of feminist concerns regarding underrepresented and marginalized women — including BIPOC, Third World, disabled, and LGBTQIA — as well as those arising from marginalized identities and marginalized issues. We will interrogate and address the philosophical and practical underpinnings of white privilege and racist violence in its many forms, including in feminist theory and practice.

 Through meetings, publications, and projects, we hope to increase the visibility and influence of feminist ethics, as well as feminist social and political theory, and to provide support to emerging scholars from diverse and underrepresented populations.  We are also committed to fostering and mentoring underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students and aim to continue this support during the crucial career period when scholars are junior faculty. As a program with a history of mentoring, we seek to develop transparent “best practices” for mentoring as senior faculty, and to learn how to lead in the field as forthright allies to other women.  By encouraging transparency in feminist mentoring practices, we will work to decrease instances of damage by “allies”, with the hope that doing so will counteract the invisibility and appropriation of the academic contributions of persons of color.  We commit to examining and challenging oppression and structural injustice in its varied forms in academia, including in our own organization.

-Revisions approved by FEAST steering committee on June 16, 2020